• Kelly Dwyer, owner of KD Speech Pathology, is an experienced speech-language pathologist (SLP) who is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed in New York (#010385) and Connecticut (#2807).  She also holds Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities Certification (TSSLD #1408904).
  • She has been a licensed SLP for over 20 years.
  • Postgraduate training includes the areas of Autism, Social Communication Disorders (Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking), PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets Levels I and II), Dynamic Tactile and Temporal Cueing (DTTC), Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, Story Grammar Marker, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders, Literacy, and Speech Sound Disorders.  Kelly is also a Hanen Certified “More Than Words” Instructor.

My approach addresses a child’s individual needs and includes parents, teachers, and day care providers in the therapeutic process to promote success in all environments. 

Therapy is conveniently scheduled at your child’s home, school, or day care. Teletherapy (online speech/language therapy) is also offered!


  • READ TO YOUR CHILD! Reading is a wonderful way to connect with your little one while promoting language development.  It’s never too early to share a book!  Older kids also benefit from seeing YOU read – instead of turning on the TV in the evening, start ‘family reading time.’ It could be the most peaceful 20 minutes of your day!
  • Parents often ask me the question: How do I help my nonverbal child communicate?   I use a ‘total communication’ approach with my students – using speech and sign language to help a child communicate while they are learning to speak.  The signs will also build their language skills so they don’t remain ‘stuck’ with just a handful of words or gestures in their repertoire.  The signs then naturally fade as the child becomes a competent verbal communicator.  I have NEVER needed to teach a child to stop using sings once he/she begins to speak.  There are many free resources available, such as books, DVDs, and even cute YouTube clips of babies signing (I often use these and my students love to watch other children signing).
  • Provide your child with opportunities to use his or her language – don’t anticipate all of their needs! As parents we tend to go on ‘autopilot’ when caring for our kids.  Rather than placing their favorite drink or snack in front of them, provide them with a choice (Do you want apples or yogurt?) or play silly and give them an empty cup! Now they’ll need to use language to ask for what they want.
  • With our school aged kids, it can be difficult to get any information about what happened at school.  With my own kids, I’ve found that avoiding ‘yes/no’ questions results in a greater chance for extended conversations, so focus on those ‘Who-What-Where-When-Why’ questions and you’ll have greater success engaging those tight-lipped tweens and teens!




Kelly works with children throughout Westchester County, including the towns of: Bronxville, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, Pelham, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Tuckahoe, and Yonkers. Teletherapy (online therapy) is now available!