KD Speech Pathology provides the following services:

  • Free speech and language screenings and parent consultation.
  • Teletherapy – Kelly is providing online speech and language therapy, using an ipad/laptop with the platform, Zoom.  Children can continue to receive therapy even when they are not in school!
  • Comprehensive evaluations assessing:

Oral Motor skills: how your child’s jaw, lips, and tongue move; sometimes low tone can contribute to speech errors.

Speech/articulation skills: how your child produces speech sounds.

Language skills: how your child understands language (receptive language) and how your child uses language to communicate (expressive language). Social communication (pragmatic language) is also assessed.

Play skills: play is a child’s work! How children play with toys and interact with those around them is a vital component to their development.

  • Therapy: Individual sessions are held in your child’s home, day care, or school and last 30 or 45 minutes.  Parents, caregivers, and teachers are considered to be vital to the therapeutic process and will be provided with tips and techniques to promote carry-over of skills outside of therapy.
  • Parent Coaching: 60 minutes; parents and care givers will be taught how to support their child’s language learning and overall development (including play, socialization, behavior) and can be scheduled on an as needed basis during the course of treatment or as a supplement to therapy they are getting at school! This is time for YOU to learn the tips and techniques speech therapists use to promote language development through play and daily routines.  No special toys needed! The strategies are simple yet powerful and will help your child communicate with you.  Kelly is a certified instructor of two Hanen programs: The It Takes Two To Talk, for late talkers, and the More Than Words Approach ( is used when a child is showing social communication difficulties or has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Play groups: 60 minutes; does your toddler or preschool child have difficulty socializing and playing with peers? Home based structured play dates can be scheduled to assist your child in using language in an appropriate manner to interact with friends.  This can be a way to carry-over skills taught during therapy and school.

Please Contact Us to discuss pricing and payment options.  You will be provided with the appropriate information for  insurance reimbursement.

Kelly works with children throughout Westchester County, including the towns of: Bronxville, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, Pelham, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Tuckahoe, White Plains, and Yonkers. Teletherapy (online therapy) is now available!